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Traditional villages, archaeological sites and lush green mountains.

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Huahine is made up of two halves, Nui and Iti, joined by a land bridge across a narrow isthmus in the lagoon. The collective islands are surrounded by a fringing reef but unlike Bora Bora there are no coral islands on this reef.
Fare Town is a picturesque waterfront village with a predominantly Polynesian population. There a colourful market and its a good place to meet the locals playing roulettes. The man made beach at Fare. The sleepy town has some nice restaurants along the foreshore and the harbour is a popular yacht anchorage. The beach front at Fare Maeva just north of Fare Town is an excellent base for exploring the island.

Huahine has only a few beaches along its coastline but the coastal scenery and mountain views make up for it. There are almost 30 ancient marae sites along the coastline at Maeva Village. Huahine is the most traditional of the Society Islands and has great archaeological interest throughout the island. Mt. Tapu on the east coast has archaeological sites high up in the mountain top accessible by walking trail. Huahine is a rural island with small villages and plantations but few shops, restaurants or hotels.

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